Sharon Hunter


I truly believe that vacations are a very important part of life. Without them, we get caught up in the day to day craziness, sometimes forgetting about what is important - each other.

Having been a fan of Walt Disney since childhood, traveling to Disney destinations has become something that I am known for.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have created many memories with family and friends during my travels to Disney World in Florida, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, Disney Cruise Line, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Adventures by Disney. Even picking up some new and cherished friends along the way.

In June 2007, I became a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and started working as a Travel Agent specializing in Disney vacations as a part time ‘hobby’, while working full time. In 2009, I was so busy with my ‘hobby’ that I made the decision to leave my full time job, to become a full time Disney vacation planner.

Now that my children are young adults, I count my blessings for the wonderful vacations we have had together. We often talk and laugh about things that have happened on our various Disney trips.

Truly inspired by the Disney spirit, I very much enjoy being able to help others discover what the magic can mean in their own lives. Giving them the opportunity to forget about reality for a while, and find their inner child right along side the children in their lives.  No work, meetings, homework, hockey practice, ballet lessons, etc.  Just time to enjoy with those close at heart.

Looking back, I am so glad that I took the time to do this with my kids, because somewhere along the line, I blinked and now they are adults.



Heather Hacock


Looking back on my childhood, the clearest memories are about Disney movies and the emotions that go along with them. I truly cannot remember a time when Disney has not been part of my life. Of course I admit that I’ve dreamed of finding my Prince, wanted the magical cleaning up abilities of Mary Poppins, wished for my Fairy Godmother to spruce me up with her magic wand and great fashion sense, and I really did wish I was part of each of the amazing world’s that only the magic of Disney could create. World’s that provide life lessons and create friendships that any parent would be proud to share with their children.

The precious time we get to spend together is such an important gift. I believe that taking time out from the daily grind to get away with loved ones is the best way to appreciate our families and live life to the fullest. It’s so critical to give ourselves permission to laugh, have fun and always to dream.



Cristina Cutruzzola


There is nothing more heart filling then listening to your young children passionately singing along to their favourite song, from their favourite show or movie, all created through the magic of Disney. We often get so busy in our everyday lives, that we don’t realize how much influence the world of Disney has for us. For at least the first six years of our children’s lives we spend endless hours replaying the same Disney shows and movies over and over and over again, until we find ourselves singing along and reciting the whole movie with them, even when it’s not on. How about every Disney princess costume for every Halloween and all the dress up parties, or arguments to take them off because its dinner time. Not only through the shows and movies does Disney create the magic, the most amazing magic is the eyes and hearts of our kids when they are dressed in costumes and feeling the magic. Now imagine the magic we can experience when visiting a Disney destination with family and friends, and live the feelings of the greatest memories created ......memories that will last a life time. Being able to help create this magic for others is something I look forward to each day.



Kris Healey


As a young girl I remember going to Disney World for the first time with my family and how magical it was. Even now, when I look at the pictures of that trip, it brings a smile to my face as I remember all the fun we had as a family. Fast forward many years later to when I had my beautiful girls...they loved Disney movies – and not just the princess movies, but also the pirates! So when my girls were 4 and 2 we made our first pilgrimage to Disney World. It had been a long time since I had been to Disney World, so the whole idea of planning the vacation was very overwhelming. Luckily for us a friend referred me to one of the other agents I now work with. She helped me put together an amazing first vacation to Disney. She guided us through our choices, was there for advice and was our expert for all things Disney. Simply put, she took away the stress and helped make our first family trip to Disney that much more magical. Since then we have planned many more vacations back to Disney World with her… has become our annual pilgrimage! Every year we go back, the magic never ceases to amaze me. The first day walking into the Magic Kingdom with my family still manages to bring tears to my eyes. We all look around at the entrance with such wonder and happiness that it always manages to choke me up.

Since my first vacation with my girls, I have become known as the person who people come to for advice about going to Disney World. We always manage to find something new and love going back to visit all of our favourite attractions. Disney World truly is the happiest place on earth and for me and my family. It is definitely our happy place. My goal is to share that magic with other families and hopefully be their fairy godmother that makes their dreams come true.



Niki Hunter


I grew up in a Disney household - watching the movies with my parents, belting out the songs with my brother - I loved it all and I couldn’t get enough. In my house you could find Mickey on everything and I mean everything - the silverware, the toast, even the dog - and with them brought magic. A special kind of magic that only Disney can make. I believed so strongly in the magic of Disney and the happiness it brings that even in the darkest of times a smile shone through. To my family Disney fixed everything. Even in our most heartbreaking moments it was right there. When I was 11 my father was diagnosed with cancer and we visited our happy place - Walt Disney World - twice while he was sick to create happy lasting memories in case the worst became reality. Looking back, those trips bring nothing but happiness because even on the worst days the magic made it disappear. One of my favourite memories happened in Epcot......once upon a time you could purchase a legacy and not knowing what the future held my family decided to get one to celebrate us before my dad began treatment. Going to Epcot now and seeing that little plaque years and years later still brings tears to my eyes. Even though I know it was the medicine that saved my fathers life, I think a part of me will always believe that the pure magic of Disney is what cured him and us as a family. We may have gone through hardship but Disney was there to make us laugh, cry, sing, dance and love. Which inspired me to want to help people create their own memories.